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Seitai refers to alternative medicine in Japan, mainly using manual techniques. It is said that the term "Seitai" originated from the combination of chiropractic and osteopathy, which originated in the USA, with the ancient Japanese manual therapy (Shiatsu). Nowadays, the term "Seitai" is often used to refer to a form of massage (shiatsu) therapy that aims to correct the skeletal structure, similar to chiropractic.Therefore, in addition to correcting the distorted part of the body, Japanese Osteopathy is a massage, examination and correction at the same time.

It can be said that as the body continues to undergo physical therapy, the distortion of the body is corrected and the flow of blood and lymph is improved, resulting in a variety of synergistic effects.



Before beginning the Seitai procedure the therapist will work on the Musculoskeletal framework so that the muscles of the whole body are relaxed and any tension or stiffness is released from the body.

1. Facial shaping and lifting

This treatment involves adjusting the muscles in order to balance the face and the head.

Facial correction reduces swelling by a process of ‘Lymph drainage’. This will help to reduce swelling a stiffness in the face and neck.

This treatment involves the gentle manipulation of the 23 tiny bones of the face and head.  It will help to regularise the feature and improve facial tension, tiredness and help to reduce the effects of aging, such as the double chin.

2.  NECK with adjuster

After relieving headaches and stiff shoulders with a massage, an osteopathic appliance called an adjuster is applied for the neck area to safely and accurately correct the spine.

3.  Back

Seitai treatment will correct thoracic spine distortions and improve posture. Back massage improves the lymphatic flow throughout the body, and this, in turn, will reduce scoliosis, straight neck or smartphone neck. Should your condition become chronic symptoms such as oedema, obesity and fatigue can develop. A back massage increases the range of motion of the rib cage, allowing you to breathe more easily. 

4.  Waist/Lower Back

Lower back pain can be caused by many reasons, such as lack of exercise, tension, weak, muscles, wearing high heels, and even pregnancy. If too much stress is put on the hips and fronts of the thighs then the body will try to correct its posture and balance which leads to unnatural pressure on the lower back.  By correcting the lumbar vertebrae and massaging the lumbar periphery, this treatment is effective in treating chronic back pain such as flat back, stooping back, and back spasms.

5.  Knee

The muscles and tendons of the entire lower limb become strained due to prolonged sitting and standing or excessive exercise, causing the knee to lose its natural cushioning function, and pain can result. Massage of the lower extremities and the correction of the long fibula below the outer knee are effective in correcting knee pain.

6.  Foot and ankle joints

The foot as the foundation of the human body can cause several conditions on the upper knee joint, hip joint, pelvis, spine, and head. These include sprained ankles, pain in walking, knee pain, hip pain, lumbar pain, and other conditions related to the ankle joint. When you have limited range of motion in your ankle joint due to those causes/factors, seitai can help to improve your range of motion and make it easier to restore the loss of the flexibility of the foot.  

7.  pelvic and Sacral Correction, and Postnatal Osteopathy

The Pelvic and Sacral correction helps to put distorted pelvis into its correct position, removing pressure on blood vessels, lymph and nerves, and relieving pain and poor circulation.It helps to restore the function of the pelvis, hormonal balance and the autonomic nervous system.

8.  Shoulder

The scapula is attached to many of the muscles of the neck and shoulders. If muscle tension tension around the scapula is left untreated, the stiffness in the neck and shoulders will worsen and could become chronic. This puts strain on the muscles, tendons and ligaments, increasing the risk of developing frozen shoulder. Tightness in the muscles around the shoulder blades and the scapula can also put pressure on the lungs and heart.

If the lungs do not expand enough, the amount of air you breathe in becomes low, which leads to a lack of oxygen in the brain. This in turn leads to poor quality of sleep and the lack of concentration and chronic fatigue.

9.  Hand joint and Elbow joint

The proper functioning of the arms (upper arms and forearms) and hands is essential for daily life and work. Stiffness and tension caused by prolonged use of smartphones and PCs, and overuse of hand joint and elbow joint due to sports activities can lead to other problems such as tension in the shoulders and chest. Massages from the arm (upper arm and forearm) to the fingertips and joint correction of the elbow and wrist are effective for tennis elbow, golf elbow and stiff arms.


Rehabilitation Therapy

Range of motion (ROM) exercise:

The aim of ROM exercise is to increase mobility and flexibility and  to help improve joint function.


Rotator cuff exercise:

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons in your shoulder. The dysfunction of a rotator cuff can often cause shoulder pain or dysfunction of the entire shoulder. The video shows one of the therapeutic exercises for a rotator cuff.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS):

EMS is one of the electrotherapies and helps weak muscles increase strength by contracting muscles through electrical stimulation that is applied directly to your skin.




A unique anti ageing targeted massage combining flow and rhythm focuses on the power of repetition for a true workout for the skin. Powerful  key Aroma Essences and balms will be selected to give targeted results for skin that looks smoother, firmer, sculpted and luminous.


Decleor signature massage techniques used with Decleor balms will help deliver targeted results: 

Increase in collagen.

An improvement in skin quality and brightness.

Increase in microcirculation to the skin.

1.  Friction

Friction consists of applying more or less intense pressure to the massage area depending on the designed effect.

Friction acts through the different  layers of the skin.

This in-depth action also gives in the ability to Act on the mussels and joints and to optimize blood and lymphatic flow.

2.  Flicking

The objective is to stimulate the mussels.

It will also strengthen the blood circulation and help to drain out the toxins.

This technique is really helpful to tone and firm the mussels.

3.  Waltz

The technique is called WALTZ in reference to the hands dancing ballet of the gesture.

Alternate and deep relaxing and sculpting techniques which have an action on the muscles and fats.



1.  Approach to the natural Lines and Wrinkles of the skin

The extremely fine acupuncture needles are carefully inserted into the muscles around the mouth. This relaxes the facial muscles and helps lift up the corners of the mouth.

The application of the needles directly in to the lines and wrinkles will stimulate the skin's metabolism and improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

2.  Improvement of eyestrain

The acupuncture needles are applied to the muscles around the eyes. This procedure will relax tense muscles that can be caused by stagnation of blood flow due to eyestrain.

3.  Finish with a scalp massage

Finally, after the facial and scalp muscles have been relaxed by the acupuncture treatment, the face and scalp are given a hand massage to stimulate blood flow further.

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