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We have, for many years, offered a wide range of Beauty Treatments to help our clients achieve well-being. We can enhance your well-being by enjoying treatments from the Clinic as well as a complementary therapy in the Beauty department.

The menus include facial treatments,  reflexology, head massage, aromatherapy massage, and many other treatments.

Our therapists have a certificate to provide treatments using Decléor products and techniques from France. For more information about Decléor products and techniques, please see the link - Decléor treatments below.


Decléor was founded in France by aromatherapists, doctors, and other professionals. The focus is on the power of essential oils to bring strength and beauty to the skin, mind, and body.


The technique uses an essential oil made from plants grown in the most suitable environment cultivated in a pesticide-free, organic environment around the world. The Decleor Products have been trusted by many beauty professionals and esthetic salons worldwide for over 45 years.


A team of aromatherapists, doctors, massage therapists, and other specialists created unique techniques based on aromatherapy theory to provide lasting results for both the face and body.

Our therapists have also undergone training in Decléor and use the Decléor techniques.

Beauty Menu

Facial Treatment

Facial by Decelor

-FACE WORKOUT: Anti-Ageing Massage

-LIFT (Mature) 

-SOOTHE (Sensitive) 



Non ​Decléor Facial Treatment

Natural Facial Lift Massage


This non-surgical facial treatment uses essential oils to rejuvenate the face through massage with hands alone.  The unique techniques help to remove stubborn blockage and stiffness. Muscles are toned and lifted, which helps to delay the aging process.

Please find the details here about the facial treatment.

'Massage' originated and developed in Europe. Originally, massage involved rubbing the skin with lubricants such as oils, creams and powders and applying a direct stimulus to the skin.  This message will be from all parts of the body towards the heart. This improves blood and lymph flow and loosens the muscles. When the body is stiff and tired this treatment helps relax and to detoxify the lymphatic system. Massage at the clinic can also combine the best massage techniques, such as oil massage with gentle or deep tissue or Swedish massage.

Please find the details here about the Body treatment.

Eyelash perm 

Eyelash Extention 

Please click EYES for details.​


Reflexology is a therapy that improves physical ailments, relieves fatigue, and enhances beauty. By stimulating the reflex points located mainly on the soles of the feet, reflexology works on the organs corresponding to the reflex points.


The body will enhance its natural healing powers and improve the body's functions. The aim is to stimulate the nerves at the furthest from the heart and to stimulate blood circulation, which will have a positive effect on the whole body.

Mix Selection Menue

Single treatment   20-25mins 

Please select and combine what you like.

Choose a single menu or customise treatment by combining 2 or 3 menus.



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