For those that wish to know more:

The techniques of Eastern Medicine have been understood and practiced for thousands of years.  The techniques rely on the body’s own energy and the practitioners ability to redirect this energy to enable the body to heal itself. 


The Pulse.  By feeling the ‘pulse’ or energy flow within the body the therapist is able to diagnose or ‘feel’ the problem or problems of the patient/client. This could be a physical or mental issue for the client in real time.   From this information the therapist is able to devise the best remedy for the problem or problems.  By repeatedly feeling for the ‘pulse’ the therapist can alter the treatment accordingly. This results in systemic or whole body treatment.


Acupuncture pain.  Many people who have not experienced Acupuncture may be fearful of needles.  My Natural Clinic uses disposable needles which are exceptionally thin and cannot be compared with injection or sewing needles. The needle enters the skin very rapidly and the use of an ‘acupuncture tube’ means that the sensation is painless, and hardly felt on the skin.  If there is a second of pain it is very slight and quickly over.


Hibiki pain.   This describes the so called ‘reverberation’ pain.  This occurs when the needle hits the specific acupuncture point, and the sensation is almost like a tiny ‘electric shock’.

The therapist may tap or slightly turn the needle to get greater stimulation on the selected point, but this would not be described as pain, more of a sensation.


Multi symptom treatment.  Although you may come to the clinic for a specific reason, such as post-surgical pain, or menstrual pain, any other symptoms which you may be experiencing should be discussed with the therapist.  This enables them to understand the ‘whole body’ condition and it is possible to treat all these symptoms at the same time. 

Healing Crisis. After the treatment, your metabolism will be stimulated and the function of the body becomes balanced. You may experience sleepiness and some increases in symptoms. You may even feel pain in another part of the body. These symptoms will be temporal and are part of recovery process. This effect in the result of an increase in your ‘self-healing’ energy. Within 21-24 hours, you will feel an improvement in symptoms and a great sense of well-being afterwards.