Staff introduction/Profile

(Acupuncture / Shiatsu / Seitai)

Madoka Ogawa

(Acupuncture / Shiatsu)

Acupuncture and moxibustion massage therapist, certified and licensed athletic trainer by Japan Sports Association and NASM-PES (National Academy Of Sports Medicine – Performance Enhancement Specialization), and a coaching director for swimmers at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. 

Graduated from Tokyo College of Sports and Recreation (Sports Trainer Course) and Tokyo College of Hygiene (Oriental Medicine General Course).  After graduating, she gained therapeutic experiences in some acupuncture clinics in Kanagawa and Tokyo, and she also gained therapeutic experience in the rehabilitation of orthopedic clinics. 

Contracted with Japan Sport Council (Independent Administrative Institution) as staff to support Japan Swimming Federation (JASF) certified swimmers for the Tokyo Olympics 2020,  and then acted as a coaching director contracted with The Japanese Olympics Committee to improve the performance of the certified competitive swimmers (2018- 2021).


Specialties: treatment to reduce pain and discomfort, sports massage, oil massage, and 

relaxation Massage, facial cosmetic acupuncture, cupping, and Yoga exercise Instruction.

Please check the menu VIDEO under INFO to see her Cupping and Facial Acupuncture treatment.

She is a member of Shiatsu Society.

Masaki Oban

(Shiatsu / Seitai) 


Masaki Oban was born in Hiroshima. After he was certified as a chiropractor at the National Seitai Academy, he served as the chief instructor of the academy. He has treated many professional athletes such as J Leaguer (Professional football League in Japan) as well as training and educating chiropractors in Japan.  Seitai is a very effective treatment based on manipulative chiropractic theory. 

Please check the menu -VIDEO - under INFO to see his Seitai treatment: Introduction, 1 Facial Shaping and Lifting, 2 Neck with the adjuster 3 Back, 4 Waist/ lower back, 5 Knee, 6 Foot and ankle joints, 7 Pelvic and Sacral Correction, and Postnatal Osteopathy, 8 Shoulder

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Atsushi Kimura

(Acupuncture / Shiatsu)

Atsushi Kimura was born in Tokyo, where he obtained a national qualification as an Acupuncture and Moxibustion practitioner at the Waseda Medical School in Japan.  He served as the chief of acupuncture and shiatsu at the Ebisu Clinic, Tokyo. With a vast experience in the treatment of a wide variety of condition, and an extensive range of skills including an ability to cure muscle-stiffness.  He is able to diagnose energy-stream within a patient's body and finding the accurate acupoints. The "Skillful treatment" that is reflected in his career and in his life, is popular among a wide-range of clients in the UK. He has also an excellent reputation for a holistic approach that transcends the boundaries of the East and the West. He is a member of British Acupuncture Association.


Eitaro Hamano

(Acupuncture / Shiatsu) 


Eitaro Hamano is a Japanese Acupuncturist, born in Nagoya. He completed his acupuncture training at the Japan Acupuncture and Moxibustion School in Tokyo.  His practice is based on oriental medical perspectives, which enables him to maximize and fully optimize the energy and vitality of his patients using body friendly non-invasive treatments. He offers therapy for a wide range of symptoms including muscle and joint-pain as well as various autonomic nervous-system symptoms and works with the philosophy of Aikido. One of Japanese ancient Japanese martial arts (Bujutsu) as part of his treatment. He is a member of the UK branch of the Oriental Acupuncture Society and the British Acupuncture Association.

Please check the menu-"article" to learn more about Oriental Acupuncture Treatment. 


Jun Yoshimura

(Acupuncture / Shiatsu) 

Jun Yoshimura is from Kobe, Japan. After graduating with a BA in International and Intercultural Studies from Kobe University, he began his professional career as an in the offices of a well-known enterprise in heavy industry. After he had been suffering from mental issues in his own life he discovered acupuncture treatment which proved to be a turning point in his life, leading him to train as an acupuncturist and shiatsu-practitioner.  He worked as a professional acupuncturist for four years on several cruise ships (eg. Silversea, Holland America and Royal Caribbean). Subsequently he began a new carrier as a therapist, based in London.


Naho Heneker


Naho is a TCM acupuncturist who studied at City College of Acupuncture in London. She is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. Before coming to the UK, Naho worked as a registered nurse at the University Hospital in Japan.

Naho has worked at an NHS GP surgery. She is a qualified Aromatherapist and has volunteered at an NHS Hospital as a massage therapist.  Naho is interested in chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain. Also, she has an interest in the treatment of stress-related mental and physical problems such as insomnia, women’s health, digestive problems and muscle tension.

As well as acupuncture, Naho also uses other TCM techniques including cupping therapy, gua sha, and moxibustion. She is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and Cosmetic Acupuncture UK.



Sumie Oban

Sumie Oban is qualified in ITEC reflexology, holds a VTCT in Massage, and has experience as an aroma therapist in Japan. Her Japanese-style pressure massage is very popular. She is highly regarded amongst her various clients for her fine-turned and precise service. 

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Kanako Kakuzaki

Certified as a ‘Parafuse’ international therapist. She worked many years in the beauty industry and obtained qualifications as a beautician in Japan. In the UK, as a’ Parafuse’ therapist, bringing many people “wellbeing, health and beauty.”