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 Facial Treatments:


£70 (45 minutes) Excluding back massage and arm massage
£100 (60 mins)  

£120 (75 mins)

All facial treatments begin with a relaxing back massage. This is followed by cleansing, exfoliating,  pressuring acupressure points, and lymphatic drainage massage.


This will be followed by a hand massage and the application of a tailored/customised mask.

*Excluding 45mins Facial menu.

The massage techniques will make the skin look smoother, firmer, sculpted, and luminous including a toning and firming massage. For more information, please check the Beauty Video



25min £50

50min £70


This treatment uses essential oils to rejuvenate the face through massage with hands alone.

This massage uses a unique technique to remove the stubborn blockages, dullness and stiffness of the facial muscles, and to stimulate and relax the face.

This improves blood flow and lymph flow, thereby activating the facial muscles and lifting the skin.  Muscles are toned and lifted, which helps to delay the aging process.

Facial lines, can be many be improved by facial massage.

If the décolleté area (neck and chest) is stiff the lymphatic system may be blocked, and the facial muscles can be stiff and sag.  As the facial skin is connected to the body, it is effective to massage other parts of the body. Prolonged computer work can cause eye strain as the temporal muscles tend to become stiff. Massaging the muscles above the ears and around the temples improves blood flow, relieves fatigue, and refreshes the eyes. In addition, scalp massage is effective in relieving sagging facial lines and stiff shoulders.










Natural Hair Removal Treatment

Threading is a hair removal technique that originated in South Asia and the Middle East, and it's primarily used for shaping eyebrows, although it can be used on other facial and body hair as well. 

Our threading method uses thread to remove facial hairs in a rolling motion. In addition to hair removal, the moderate stimulation of the thread has a massage effect and removes aging keratin along with the hair. By removing the soft downly hairs, the skin tone improves and the light reflects the face beautifully, creating a natural radiation. Everyone will be amazed at the change in the feel of their skin and how their makeup looks after hair removal. Threading is a hair removal method that is performed all over the world, but our threading method uses a special way of manipulating the thread to suit the delicate skin created in Japan making it a unique, low-irritation hair removal method. You will also notice the amount of hair gradually decreasing as you repeat the treatment.

Threading CUT.jpg
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