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Misaligned joints and skeletal distortions caused by everyday bad habits can eventually lead to painful symptoms. To prevent this, with this treatment, the skeletal and pelvic misalignments and distortions are corrected to relieve muscle fatigue and stiffness, and to normalize nerve function, thereby improving blood flow and improving physical condition.


First, in order to effectively correct the skeletal structure, the therapist rubs and relaxes the bone misalignments and distortions of the whole body and areas of muscle stiffness. This can also help to notice any problems that clients may not have been aware of, and can not only improve any current pain but also prevent it from recurring or worsening. The therapist also gives advice on lifestyle to improve physical discomfort and posture.

Please check the video under Info to see the treatment.


What is the manipulative treatment of Seitai?

大伴 施術2.jpg
大伴 施術2.jpg

Some common conditions that Seitai may be able to help with are:



  • Stiff shoulders

  • Jaw pain. 

  • Lack of spinal mobility

  • Back pain

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Arthritis or pain due to sports injuries




This therapy can also be used as an esthetic treatment.

​It can improve facial stiffness and the appearance of the body by correcting facial and physical distortions and restoring skeletal frame damage through the manipulation of soft tissue, thereby lifting, toning, and sculpting the muscle tissues of the face and neck.  It can also reform leg alignment by adjusting the spine and pelvis.

Please check the video under Info to see the treatment.


  • Knee and other joint pains

  • Stress, fatigue and tiredness

  • RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

  • Digestive problems

  • Rheumatism, 

  • Hernia


整体 小顔 肩と顎.HEIC
整体 鼻ー小顔1.jpg

knockers - improving the functioning of the brain and nervous system   


As well as manual corrective techniques, a special corrective device called a knocker is used. The knocker will help to correct blocked nerve flow. Vibrations are transmitted to the joints and the nerve flow around the joints improves. This allows the muscles to move normally, and the pain is reduced and disappears. As the vibration stimulation is light, it is almost painless.


As the nerve flow becomes active, the body's own healing power increases. In addition, the nerve commands are transmitted throughout the body, the muscles work properly to support the bones and symptoms improve.  As a result, not only skeletal and muscular abnormalities, but also diseases of the internal organs and the autonomic nervous system can be balanced, and health improves. For this reason, many clients have treatment regularly to maintain their overall health, even if they have no pain.


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