What is the manipulative treatment of Seitai?

It is a unique, alternative Japanese therapy first developed for use by Samurai warriors to deal with sprains and dislocations and minor fractures.  

Seitai was later further developed by Kiyoshi Kato in the 19th Century and is a combination of Shiatsu and Manipulation techniques which work on the skeletal and soft tissue structures of the body.  It is a new practice base on the ancient practice of ‘bone setting’. 

Unlike chiropractic treatment, the technique of Seitei involves pressing the entire muscle fibers and stimulating the body through acupressure points or ‘tsubo’s’ with the thumbs, fingers and elbows of the practice. These ‘MASTER’ points provide direct stimulation to the internal organs and systems of the body.

The literal translation of ‘Seitai’ is ‘to put the body into good order’. Seitai treatment can improve posture thus enabling the body to function at its optimum level. This treatment can result in the possibility of avoiding developing of symptoms such as a hernia, severe back pain or sciatic neuralgia. It is also effective in the improvement of neck and spinal conditions, post- natal hip issues and tinnitus (ear noise) by the manipulation of jaw bone.


Seitai treatment can be effective in shaping legs by pelvic correction and works to restore skeletal frame damage through the manipulation of soft tissue. 


After treatment clients feel invigorated, warm and clear-headed as the body begins to employ its natural energy to heal itself.

Please check the video under Info to see the treatment.