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What are acupuncture and moxibustion? 

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Acupuncture (Hari) and moxibustion (Kyu) have a long history.  The techniques were first developed in China many thousands of years ago, and they have been the basis of Eastern Medicine since that time. In our clinic, we offer a delicate Japanese-style acupuncture treatment along with moxibustion if needed, led by highly experienced therapists who have globally recognised qualifications in oriental medical therapy. For more information, please check the staff talk.


In Oriental medicine, people with chronic symptoms often cannot activate their natural healing power well because they have causes that inhibit the functioning of their natural healing power. Unlike Western medicine, it tries to understand the causes holistically. Acupuncture and moxibustion treatments are used to improve the natural healing power and help the body maintain its well-being.

For example, if you have stiff shoulders or back pain, therapists will not only treat your shoulders and back to improve local circulation, but they will also check your pulse, general strain, abdominal tension, weakness and tenderness, and the condition of the skin, muscles, and tendons in your limbs to find any of the above inhibiting factors via acupoints. The therapist will comprehensively understand the problem. As a result, the therapist can create the most thorough and appropriate treatment.

For more information on meridians and acupuncture points, see INFO Article 2-1: 'What is oriental acupuncture?' for more information. More detailed information can be found here.


Mixed treatment, including shiatsu massage and other manual methods


We can provide Shiatsu (acupressure treatment) as well as acupuncture treatment at the same time depending on the client’s condition and symptoms. It is also possible to treat several symptoms within one treatment session. 

According to oriental medicine, several symptoms may appear interrelated. For example, menstrual pain occurs/causes back pain and headaches, constipation results in chronic rhinitis and tonsillitis, and stiff shoulders and gastrointestinal weakness have related to the cause of infertility.

We will try to make the right decisions and treat your whole body. Please do not hesitate to tell us about your problems as well as many other physical ailments. 


Acupuncture treatment is also safe for children

Tei-Needles (pediatric acupuncture needles, circular acupuncture needles) are suitable for children as they are painless and only lightly stimulate the skin without inserting needles.  Treatment can help with night-time crying and temper tantrums. This method can also be used for adults with physical sensitivities or acrophobia.



Moxibustion therapy


Moxibustion is an oriental medical treatment that uses moxa to apply warmth to acupoints on the skin to relieve symptoms of illness and physical discomfort.   At our clinic, moxibustion is mainly performed without leaving any moxibustion marks. The moxa used in moxibustion is mug wort, which is renowned as a panacea. Mug wort has excellent medicinal properties.   When moxibustion is applied, the essential oil component 'tineol' of mug wort permeates under the skin and warms it, increasing the number of white blood cells in the blood and increasing the body's immunity.


Moxibustion can draw out the body's own natural healing power. This can include regulating the movement of internal organs and alleviating pain such as eyestrain, sensitivity to cold, stiff shoulders, and back pain. Ease internal organ disorders and female disorders, regulate autonomic nervous system and disorders caused by stress, The feeling of moxibustion is warm and pleasant rather than 'hot'.


Main diseases and symptoms:


Lower back pain (e.g. back pain, back pain, back pain, back pain)

Neck/shoulder stiffness (e.g. shoulder arthritis/40/50 shoulder)

Arthritis/sprains/whiplash// bruises

Elbows/knees (tennis elbow, golf elbow, tendonitis) 

Back pain (e.g. scoliosis - mild) 

Hay fever, tinnitus, chronic rhinitis, etc.

Internal organ problems (stomach pain, abdominal pain, etc.)

Physical improvement and maintenance of physical condition - maintenance of a physical condition

Situs nerve pain

Mental health (e.g. low immunity due to autonomic and endocrine (hormonal) disorders, insomnia, anxiety, and panic syndrome)

TMJ arthritis

Gynecological disorders (e.g. menstrual pain, menopausal disorders and cold sores)

Infertility (e.g. anovulatory, irregular menstruation or amenorrhea, basal body temperature. For more information on the treatment of infertility, please refer to INFO's 'About infertility treatment' section. 

Symptoms caused by the prolonged use of a computer or smartphone (e.g. straight neck syndrome)

Headaches, facial neuralgia, post-operative pain, various other types of neuralgia,


For an approach to the main symptoms, see INFO.


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