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Eyelash Perm (on average lasts up to 6 weeks) 50min £48

Eyebrow Reshape with wax 20min £25

Eyebrow Reshape 15min £20

Eyelash Extension (30-90min)

                            (On average last up to 3 weeks)

30-45min £70 (30 eyelashes each)

30-45min £75 (40 eyelashes each)

50-60min £85 (50 eyelashes each)

Trial 15-20min £35 (15 eyelashes each)


If you choose to have one of the following massages at the same time as eyelash perm treatment, you can have it at £25 for 15 minutes. (Massage during the time the perm solution is being applied)

  ・Head massage・Foot massage・Hand massage

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