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Foot care


PERFECT LEGS      60min £100 

The perfect antidote for tired, aching legs, this instantly refreshing treatment will put the bounce back in your stride.

ANTI-CELLULITE   60min £100


Anti-cellulite is an effective partial fat loss massage that is used for the hips, thighs, and abdomen.
The therapist will begin with exfoliation of the abdomen and lower body. This is followed by a deep tissue lower body massage using pre-blended oils such as juniper berries and geranium.
Next a mask is applied to help in breaking down fatty tissue, draining away toxins, and reducing the cellulite.

The Plastic wrap is applied to the areas being treated. This will warm the body, causing some sweating which enables the reflexology to be effective. After the procedure, there is an immediate change in the size of the area that has been treated.


FOOT CARE           25min £50

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