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Various symptoms related to Oriental medicine acupuncture


8. Acupuncture and mental health 

In the UK, many people suffer from depressive symptoms every year, probably because of the short daylight hours and many rainy days in the winter. Mental health problems are likely to increase around the world, especially as lockdowns continue due to the recent COVID-19 epidemic. 

If it is mild, the main symptoms  can be lack of motivation, anxiety, and depression. When it becomes severe, it may lead to symptoms such as staying at home and not wanting to meet people, suicidal thoughts, or it can develop into schizophrenia, manic depression or panic disorders. Drugs and alcohol dependence can be  caused by mental health problems. Overuse of drugs and alcohol can also exacerbate depression

People with depressive symptoms generally have stiff shoulders, headaches, difficulty breathing, excessive fatigue, loss of appetite, and insomnia.  In the East Buddhist teachings include the word "Shinshinichinyo," it is thought that "heart" and "body" are closely connected.   Often, "stress makes people's stomach hurt" and "tension makes people's body tremble". 

And when your body gets better, your feelings will be radiant and everyone will have experience of being positive. 


In Oriental medicine, emotions are also applied to the five elements (five energy elements of the natural world), which are "wood = anger, fire = joy, earth = thought, gold/Metal = sadness, water = surprise, fear". For example, the energy of "wood" is not only the energy of anger, but also the source of action when starting something, and the energy when buds sprout and rise freely in the spring. When it is suppressed for a long time by mental and physical stress, the energy loses its place and becomes depressed. 

In addition, panic disorders are triggered by the experiences of fear, and various symptoms due to sympathetic nerve hyperactivity, but if the "energy of water" is properly treated, it will gradually return to normal. (Depending on the degree, long-term treatment for a period of about 3 months is required.) 

Acupuncture points that are often used are the points on the top of the head "Hyakue", which have a tranquilizing effect, and the representative acupuncture points of the "Kankei", the "Taisho" on the feet. There is "Naikan" on the inside of the wrist and "Kangen" on the lower abdomen that calms the mind. 

If you're feeling unmotivated or anxious for weeks, we recommend that you receive acupuncture and moxibustion at an early stage. 

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