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Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Seitai, Beauty

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Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Seitai, Beauty

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Pelvis Belt

£22.0 (Size S/M/L/XL)

Recommended for…

Back Pain/Cold feet & hands/constipation/O, X shape of legs / Who are carrying heavy things, staying in standing, siting, driving long hours.


SARASA Kinesiology Tape

5.0mx5m £11

Japanese Kinesiology Tape by SARASARA Kinesiology tape from Japan can treat a wide variety of conditions due to its ability performance and facilitate rehabilitation while supporting muscles in movement.

<Description> 100%cotton tape material, latex free/ 30-40% elasticity from resting length / Tape is applied on skin with approximately 10% stretch / Elasticity Body-Fit / Medical grade, thermoplastic Skin-Care adhesive / Maximum adhesive strength achieved after 2-3 hours / Water repellent / Allows skin to breathe / Can be worn for several days (3-5) without re-application / Elastic properties support and reduce muscle fatigue / 5-10 applications per roll can be used.