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Coupon tickets and Vouchers

Coupon tickets are on sale

《Beauty/Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Seitai, Beauty》

       ❖ £80 (50mins) ×5 tickets ※Valid for 6 month 

£400.00→£380.00 …5% £20.00 OFF

❖ £80 (50mins) ×8 tickets ※Valid for 1 year

£640.00→£588.80 …8% £51.20 OFF

❖ £80 (50mins) ×20 tickets  ※Valid for 1 year
   £1,600.00→£1,440.00…10% £160 OFF


《Facial Acupuncture》

❖£58 (25mins)×5 tickets ※Valid for 6 month 

£290.00→£275.50 …5% £14.50 OFF

❖£92(50mins)×3 tickets ※Valid for 6 month 

£255.00→£262.00…5% £14.00 OFF

《Stretch/Rehabilitation Therapy/

Beauty Chiropractic method /Facial Chiropractic method/

Includes 25mins of Beauty Treatment》

❖£50(25mins)×5 tickets ※Valid for 6 month 

£250.00→£242.50 …3% £7.50 OFF


《Natural Face Lift Massage》

❖£70(50mins)×3 tickets ※Valid for 6 month 

£210.00→£203.70 …3% £6.30OFF

 Terms and Conditions ●

★ Tickets are non-refundable, not redeemable for cash and can not be reissued, but transferable within the same household. Tickets are valid only for the periods set out above except for extraordinary events.

★Tickets are not used in conjunction with any other offer or discount such as royalty points and refer-a-friend promotions.

GIFT VOUCHERS are on sale!

Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Seitai, Beauty

A great gift for someone special!

50min  £80

75min  £120

100min  £160

Referral vouchers:

We will give first-visit customers and their introducers £ 5  discount vouchers.


Pelvis Belt

£22.0 (Size S/M/L/XL)

Recommended for…

Back Pain/Cold feet & hands/constipation/O, X shape of legs / Who are carrying heavy things, staying in standing, siting, driving long hours.


SARASA Kinesiology Tape

5.0mx5m £11

Japanese Kinesiology Tape by SARASARA Kinesiology tape from Japan can treat a wide variety of conditions due to its ability performance and facilitate rehabilitation while supporting muscles in movement.

<Description> 100%cotton tape material, latex free/ 30-40% elasticity from resting length / Tape is applied on skin with approximately 10% stretch / Elasticity Body-Fit / Medical grade, thermoplastic Skin-Care adhesive / Maximum adhesive strength achieved after 2-3 hours / Water repellent / Allows skin to breathe / Can be worn for several days (3-5) without re-application / Elastic properties support and reduce muscle fatigue / 5-10 applications per roll can be used.

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