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Q&A Threading


Q1 Is it painful?

A1 There are individual differences in how pain is felt. Although it is not painless as the hair is removed from the root, our clinic's threading removes hair with minimal stimulation. In addition, we use a special way to manipulate the threads making it a unique, low-irritant hair removal method.

Q2: Will the hair become thicker?

A2 It will not get thicker. On the other hand, as you repeat it over and over, it will gradually become thinner and less noticeable.

Q3 How is it different from removing it with tweezers?

A3 In a short period, even the thin and short downy hairs that cannot be grabbed with tweezers are removed, so after threading, your skin will be as smooth as a boiled egg. After that, the makeup will penetrate better and the foundation will adhere evenly, so you will immediately notice the difference in how your makeup goes on.

Q4 Can I go with makeup on? Can I wear makeup after threading?

A4 It's okay with makeup on. You can also apply makeup immediately after the treatment. After threading, we will clean your face, so please bring your makeup tools with you if you want to leave with makeup on.

Q5 Can I shave the hair with a razor before threading?

A5 Please stop self-treatment at least 3 days in advance. It is possible to remove hair if it is 1 mm, but please leave the hair as much hair as possible.

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