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Physiotherapy/  Rehabilitation 

 For who is the best course?

This course will be undertaken by a certified Japanese physiotherapist. This therapy is recommended for anyone struggling with chronic pain or injury, particularly if it is difficult to remain motivated to continue alone with rehabilitation exercises.

During the 25-minuet session, the therapist will check your body condition and work with you on your individual symptoms.  The therapist will then suggest exercises to enable you to continue with the rehabilitation on your own and between sessions.

The initial session will take approximately 5-10 minutes more for the consultation and diagnose.

  1. Symptoms.

  Typical Symptoms which can be treated include:

 ●Frozen Shoulder● Hip Pain ●Age-Related Muscle loss around hips and legs.

 ●Bad posture created by sitting in a poor position ●Athletic injuries and chronic pain.

 ●Damage to motor neurons, ie difficulty walking as a result of a stroke.


 2 Methodology

1) Manual Therapy.

‘Hands-on’ therapy will decrease pain and improve joint mobility.   Soft tissue and nerve pain caused by tight muscles will also be improved.


2) Physical Therapy Agents

These include such techniques as ‘hot packs’, ‘ice packs’, ‘taping’ and ‘electrotherapy’,

  1. Taping: This is the use of special adhesive tape which is used to bind certain parts of the body together to enable healing.  This might include holding damaged connective tissue around a damaged joint, or compression of tissues to reduce swelling.

  2. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation):  This procedure enables the muscle to be strengthened without muscle activity.  The muscle is repaired and strengthened by the use of an electrical current.

  3. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation): A TENS Machine is used to relieve nerve, muscle, and joint pain. It works by passing a very gentle electrical stimulus to the affected areas of the body.



3) Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy aims at the restoration of movement, improvement of function and strength, and the prevention and promotion of health, wellness, and fitness through training and stretching. This treatment can allow the clients to do the right/appropriate exercise in the future or until your next treatment.



Please check the video under Info to see the Therapy and sports therapy treatments.

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