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£50   25 mins      £80  50 mins

By absorbing a vacuumed cup on the back or abdomen, blood stagnant in the capillaries rises to the surface of the skin. This "blood" is then drained out of the body, improving blood circulation, raising body temperature, and ensuring that oxygen and nutrients are distributed to all parts of the body, making it less prone to illness.

It is therefore expected not only to purify the blood and promote circulation, detoxify the body and improve muscle pain, but also to help with weight loss and beauty, and is currently gaining popularity, particularly among women, in the field of esthetics in addition to treatment.

In many cases, stiffness caused by myofascial (the membrane covering muscles) and adhesions between muscles is the cause, which limits physical movement and causes pain. By sucking up the fascia and muscles, the adhesions are removed and the original smooth movement and flexibility are created.

Benefits of cupping.
● Restores functional movement and improves restricted areas that cause pain.
●Improves blood circulation and cold sensitivity.
● Releases adherent tissues and muscles, enabling positive changes such as.
● Improving movement restrictions.
● Stimulating the nervous system and autonomic nervous system, improving shoulder stiffness, back pain and muscle fatigue.

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