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Q&A Facial Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture

1 The risk of internal bleeding from facial acupuncture

Below the skin of the face lie many capillaries. When acupuncture needles are inserted into the face, they may cause very minor bleeding if they touch the capillaries, and in rare cases, internal bleeding may occur. The frequency and severity of internal bleeding will vary from person to person.  It normally takes about 3 to 10 days for the tiny bruises to disappear. If bleeding does occur during the treatment, we will try to keep it to a minimum. 


2 Pain when needles are inserted into the face

The disposable needles used in the treatment are as fine as hair, so there is no need to worry about the treatment being painful. In general, thinner needles are less painful and thicker needles are more painful. We choose to use fine, tiny and painless needles on the face to minimize pain. The majority of clients fall asleep during treatment and find the treatment deeply relaxing.


3  How many needles to apply?

The number of acupuncture needles varies depending on the client's problems and conditions. The average number of needles used for each session is between 10 and 30.



4 The Length of treatment time

For the fist session, our treatment will begin with a consultation lasting between 5-10 minutes.  The acupuncture treatment will be followed by a simple massage of the scalp and face. The minimum treatment time is approximately 25 minutes.


5  Make-up on the day of acupuncture treatment

Consider arriving make-up-free or bring makeup to touch up the areas that will be cleaned for hygienic needling. If you wish to put on your make-up after the treatment, please bring your own make-up kit. 


6 Metal Allergies

We use stainless steel needles, but if you are allergic to any other metals, please consult a specialist before the treatment begins.


7  How long does the visible improvement last? 

The average duration of cosmetic acupuncture is 7-10 days for the first few sessions. After a few treatments and because they are cumulative all you will need is maintenance, so as the effects become more established, you can decrease the frequency to every two or three.

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