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My Natural Clinic




Release, Relax, Heal and Total care

Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Seitai
& Beauty Clinic
Total health treatment in London

The History of My Natural Clinic
​Our clinic was founded in 1993 at Piccadilly Circus, in the heart of London. Since that time many clients have enjoyed successful treatment by our group of experienc
ed therapists. Customers have highly appreciated the excellent treatment provided by our therapists.​

Our treatments are effective for acute, chronic low back pain, headache, stiff neck, numbness, sports injuries, low energy, fatality problem, and conditions due to stress and seasonal change. Other conditions such as insomnia, panic attacks, phobia treatments, anxiety, and other mental problems can be treated.

We also have a beauty clinic on the same site and can offer beauty treatments such as aromatherapy, facial and/or aesthetic treatments together with the treatments of the CLINIC such as Shiatsu massage, Acupuncture, Seitai treatment, and so on. Beauty treatments include Aromatherapy and oil body massage, Foot care, Facial treatment, Eyelash Perm, and so on. Please see the Beauty menu.


All our therapists are experienced and well-qualified. My Natural Clinic provides the best comprehensive care for well-being, health, and beauty. We provide a holistic and complementary approach to our treatment.

Please see Clinic and Beauty for details. 


Our Services & Products 

Japanese Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture

Seitai (manipulative therapy) including pelvic adjustment and bone structure balancing

Shiatsu Massage


Head Massage


Foot Care


Sports Massage

Stretch Massage

Facial Aesthetic Treatment for Firming and Lifting, and Aesthetic Seitai  (manipulative treatment for beauty purposes)




We are based in the heart of London.


£80 (50mins)  

£120 (75mins)  

£160 (100mins)  

Please see CLINIC for details.


​In our clinic, we offer a delicate Japanese-style acupuncture treatment along with moxibustion if needed, led by highly experienced therapists who have  Japanese national qualifications in oriental medical therapy. The treatments aim to treat disorders by enhancing the body's own natural healing powers. These therapies activate the immune system, by improving blood circulation, homeostatic functions, and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. More detailed information can be found on acupuncture.



Shiatsu is a type of traditional Japanese massage. Its technique applies intensive pressure to a single acupressure point on the body using the hands and fingers to stimulate the natural healing power of the human body, to improve physical ailments, and to maintain and improve health.  It improves fatigue and stiff shoulders by manually relaxing the muscles and improving blood circulation. Shiatsu address a wide range of problems and demands in modern society, such as the improvement of chronic disorders and diseases in daily life, daily health maintenance and disease prevention, treatment of the aftereffects of traffic accidents, and improvement of sports performance. More detailed information can be found on Shiatsu.


Misaligned joints and skeletal distortions caused by everyday bad habits can eventually lead to painful symptoms. To prevent this, with this treatment, the skeletal and pelvic misalignments and distortions are corrected to relieve muscle fatigue and stiffness, and to normalise nerve function, thereby improving blood flow and physical condition. For diseases such as rheumatism, hernia, arthritis, severe back pain or sciatic neuralgia or pain due to sports injuries, this therapy can be suitable. It is also effective in the improvement of the neck and spinal conditions, post-natal hip issues, and tinnitus (ear noise) by the manipulation of the jaw bone. This therapy can also be used as an esthetic treatment and reform leg alignment by adjusting the spine and pelvis. Please see Seitai for details.


 £58  (25 mins)   facial acupuncture and simple scalp massage

 £92 (50 mins)    or   £150   (75mins)   

 facial acupuncture, acupuncture for the body, and body/scalp massage

  Please see Facial Acupuncture for details

 Sports Massage and Stretch Massage

£50 (25mins), £80 (50mins), £120 (75mins), £160 (100mins)

This treatment is very effective for sports injuries, recovery from fatigue, and maintenance of the condition. It can reduce muscle pain or tightness, or prevent any injuries regarding sports activities. We will concentrate on areas of muscular stiffness, pain, and other problems. This also aims to quick recovery after exercise/sports, maximise your performance through conditioning, or prevent injuries, and increase the range of motion of joints. Kinesio taping is also available. Stretching helps release muscle tension and stiffness, thereby improving flexibility, mobility, and lymphatic drainage circulation throughout the body with manual techniques.

Please see CLINIC​ for details.

  Beauty/Aesthetic Seitai and Facial Aesthetic Firming     & Lifting Seitai  

£50 (25mins)   £80 (50mins) 

Helps to firm up your chest, correct bad posture and the position of hips, thereby reducing cellulite from your body. The procedure will also tighten your arms, thighs, waist and release your back, shoulders and neck. The nonsurgical aesthetic facial treatment is effective for facial swelling, lifting, eye strain and even insomnia, and encourages relaxation by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.


£50   (25 mins)  Cupping Only  

       £80  (50 mins)  25mins Cupping and

25mins Shiatsu or Acupuncture treatment 

A technique that will increase the range of motion and function.  Please see CLINIC​ for details.




£80 (50mins),  £120 (75mins),  £160 (100mins)

The treatment can be mixed facial treatment,  a body massage, a head massage, and reflexology as a combination depending on the treatment time. Please see MENU for details. After the treatment, you can wipe off body oil with a hot towel.

Facial Treatment

£70 (45 minutes) Excluding back massage and arm massage

£100 (60 mins)     £120 (75 mins)

Cleansing,  exfoliating, lifting massage and mask. The treatment includes a back and arm massage for total relaxation and a feeling of well-being after the treatment. ​*Excluding 45mins Facial menu.

The massage techniques will make the skin look smoother, firmer, sculpted, and luminous including a toning and firming massage. For more information, please check the Beauty Video

Natural Face Lift Massage
£50 (25 mins)    £70 (50 mins)

This treatment uses essential oils to rejuvenate the face through massage with hands alone. This massage uses a unique technique to remove the stubborn blockages, dullness and stiffness of the facial muscles, and to stimulate and relax the face. This improves blood flow and lymph flow, thereby activating the facial muscles and lifting the skin.  Muscles are toned and lifted, which helps to delay the aging process.


Eyelash perm £48

Eyelash Extention £70-


  If you choose to have one of the following massages at the same time as

  the eyelash perm treatment, you can have it at £25 for 15 minutes.  (Massage      during the time the perm solution is being applied)

・Head   or  Foot  or  Hand massage                      

Eye Treatment (Massage for Tired Eyes and Wrinkles)

£50 (25mins)


£50 (25mins), £80 (50mins)



FOOT CARE           £50  (25mins)


£50 (25mins),  £80 (50mins)

Mix Selection Menu

Single treatment   20-25mins 

Please select and combine what you like.

 Back Massage (For Back Pain and Tiredness)

 Back Cleansing (Exfoliate, Massage, Mask)

 Head Massage (For Headache, Stress)

 Eye Treatment (For Tired Eyes, Wrinkles)

 Facial Skin Exfoliate (Cleaning, Exfoliate, Mask, Aftercare cream)


Please see Beauty Menu list below for more information

One  £50 / 2 options £70 / 3 options  £85


 £150  (50mins) 

Non Needles Treatment 

Electroporation- The new facial treatment that uses electricity to create gaps in cell membranes, penetrate deep into the skin, and introduce beauty serum without using acupuncture needles. Large molecules, which are impossible with iontophoresis, can be directly penetrated into the deep layers of the skin. Since hyaluronic acid is included in the serum, it can be expected to have anti-aging effects, collagen production, and other effects that improve the fundamental health of your skin.

Hot stone 

 £50 (25 minutes)

        £15  Extra 10 minutes to 50, 75, or 100-minute massages


Treatment using stones heated to human skin temperature (50C°) with highly moisturizing oil. The stones used are those taken from Sedona in America. Warm stones penetrate deep into the body due to their far-infrared rays, and have the effect of relieving fatigue, pain, and coldness accumulated in the body. Alleviates stress and muscle fatigue by promoting blood and lymph flow and regulating the autonomic nervous system. You can experience a warm feeling and relaxation just like after taking a hot bath. By warming you from the core, you can take care of your inner health, such as dealing with women's unique concerns and boosting your immune system.

Good deal Coupons Tickets and Vouchers on SALE. Please check here.


Beauty Treatment

Please check the Beauty menu to see the details and prices.





Atsushi Kimura

Atsushi Kimura

Masaki Oban

Masaki Oban

Jun Yoshimura

Jun Yoshimura

Misa tanaka

Misa tanaka

Tomoko Uemura

Tomoko Uemura

Daiki Urai

Daiki Urai

Haruno Kogure

Haruno Kogure

Saori Oda

Saori Oda


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday  11am - 7pm

​Weekend  11am - 7pm



1F, 59 Brewer St. London


2mins walk from  Piccadilly Circus Station

Google Map:​

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday  11am - 7pm

​Weekend  11am - 7pm

Tel: 020 - 7287 - 1499 (11 am -18:30 pm)


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How to get here:

From Piccadilly Circus station, take exit 1. Walk straight along Sherwood Street under the bridge and turn right on Brewer Street. Ahead you will see a sign for 'Taro' restaurant. Next to 'Taro restaurant is a black door no.59. Please buzz for 'My Natural Clinic'. We are on the 1st floor.

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